CP Army Media has come to an end. We here at CP Army Media would like to thank everyone who was once part of this great journey. CPAM started with only three armies, and had became the face of Democratic Governing in the Club Penguin Army Community. We can't thank you enough for giving us the chance to serve you. This website will remain on the internet for historical & archival purposes, so that people can come here in future and see the work that we put in as staff and community members.
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New Supreme Commanders of DW: Squirrel & Julia

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors’ leadership has seen recent changes, with one leader stepping down and two new additions stepping up to the role of Supreme Commander.

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Holy Coup: Coup Crusaders Declare War On Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Templars have been in the hot seat of controversy for a little while now, in their quest to gain land they invaded, and even declared war on, former allies the People’s Imperial Confederation. So what have they done to the Crusaders to prompt war?

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Confederation War Concludes With The Frostbite Agreement

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Recently, the large conflict that occurred between numerous S/M armies, has finally come to an end.

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Battle Review: Templars and Water Vikings Fight For White House

KLONDIKE, Water Vikings Nation– On Monday, June 22nd, the Templars invaded Water Vikings server White House in an attempt to reclaim lost land.

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A Timeline Of The ‘Confederation War’ So Far

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – A huge alliance war, labelled the ‘Confederation War’, has embroiled the community for the past week. But how exactly did it come about, and what significant events have occurred? 

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[EDITORIAL] The Tale of Terms: An Endless Addition of Rules

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Hidcre’s Desk – With invasions being scheduled back to back, many armies have been adding rules to ensure their side has the upper hand of winning a defense or invasion.

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People’s Imperial Confederation Fail To Defend Their Nation In Three Ongoing Wars

WOOL SOCKS, People Imperial Confederation Empire – The People’s Imperial Confederation are under attack from three different opponents, and the mass invasions of their land has resulted in a series of failed defences.

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Xing Retires From Templars Leadership

ICEBOX, Templars of CP Capital — In a shocking yet probable turn of events, Xing, Templars’ creator has retired from leadership.

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[BREAKING] Templars Chat Defaced

Note: This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

ICE BOX, Templars Empire — In a shocking turn of events, the Templars discord has been defaced. Read more to know about it.

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Templars Declare War On People’s Imperial Confederation

ICE BOX, Templars Capital The Templars have recently begun a crusade in order to gain more land, ranging from both Club Penguin Rewritten and CPATG.
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