CP Army Media has come to an end. We here at CP Army Media would like to thank everyone who was once part of this great journey. CPAM started with only three armies, and had became the face of Democratic Governing in the Club Penguin Army Community. We can't thank you enough for giving us the chance to serve you. This website will remain on the internet for historical & archival purposes, so that people can come here in future and see the work that we put in as staff and community members.
Please visit CPA Hub to continue your journey!


CPATG Commands

General Commands
!ai : Add Item (followed by item id). For example !ai 413.
!af : Add Furniture Item (followed by furniture item id). For example !af 303.
!ac : Add Coins (followed by coin amount). For example !ac 5000.
!igloo : Add Igloo (followed by igloo id). For example !igloo 5.
!jr : Join Room (followed by room id). For example !jr 100.
!users : Find amount of online users.
!ping : Check connection. The Bot must reply Pong if you are still connected.

Army Commands
!army : Join Army (followed by army shortname). For example !army ST. To leave an army do !army NONE.
!size : View amount of currently online troops of an army on your server. For example !size ST.
!lockouts : View amount of currently online troops of an army on different rooms than your current one. For example !lockouts ST.
!sizeroom : View amount of currently online troops of an army on your current room. For example !sizeroom ST.